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Voco, V-Posil, VPS, Monophase, Fast Set, 1 - 380ml Cartridge w/ Accessories

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V-Posil – the new VPS precision impression material
Maximum precision combined with practical working and setting times Modern impression materials have to meet many demands: the working time should be comfortably sufficient, whilst the intraoral setting time must be short. The material needs to offer high toughness, high dimensional accuracy and a high resistance to permanent deformation. . V-Posil, the new A-silicone-based precision impression material from VOCO, satisfies all these requirements.
With a working time of up to two minutes, the flavourless V-Posil guarantees flexible working even for extensive restorations. The setting process is complete after two minutes, which means that the intraoral time for patients is pleasantly brief.

With four different viscosities, V-Posil is a compact system which caters for various impression-taking techniques: V-Posil Putty for two-step correction impressions, the sandwich technique, impressions for functional margin shaping, and correction impression technique with spacer foil, V-Posil Heavy Soft Fast for the double-mix technique, the correction impression technique and functional impressions, V-Posil Light Fast and V-Posil X-Light Fast as low-viscosity materials for correction impressions, sandwich impressions, correction impressions with spacer foil, double-mix impressions, reline/rebase impressions and impressions for removable dental prostheses. V-Posil comes in the following mixing systems: 50 ml Automix cartridges (standard 1:1), 380 ml cartridges (5:1) for use in standard automatic dispensing and mixing units, as well as in putty jars (1:1) for manual mixing.

In addition to the dentist- and patient-friendly timings and the ideal combination of viscosities, a further guarantee for optimal results is the hydrophilicity of V-Posil. It ensures outstanding flowability in the sulcus, while the thixotropic properties ensure that the material does not drip. Its toughness helps to avoid tears when removing the impression from the mouth. So V-Posil produces perfect impressions as the basis for precisely fitting restorations.

V-Posil Mono Fast
REF 2569 Cartridge 380 ml, accessories
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