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Voco, GrandioSO Light Flow, Syringes, Refill, A2, 2 - 2g

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GrandioSO Light Flow
Low-viscosity nano-hybrid composite for delicate applications

• Low viscosity – outstanding flow properties and therefore optimally suitable for hard-to-reach areas and small cavities
• Extra-fine cannula – for precise and pinpoint application, dosage without excess residues
• High performance – excellent physical properties, e.g. filler content of 76% by weight
• High aesthetics – 8 shades for individualised applications
• Excellent handling – NDT-syringe – non-drip, compatible with all light-curing bonding materials

• Filling / characterisation of small cavities
• Filling / characterisation of class III, IV and V cavities
• Extended fissure sealing
• Blocking out undercuts
• Lining or coating cavities
• Repairing fillings, veneers and temporary restorations
• Luting translucent prosthetic pieces
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