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Ultradent, LC, Block-Out Resin, Refill, 4pk

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Clinical Research Dental Supplies & Service Inc.
Amelogen Plus Kits Product Description > Perfect range of shades (8 dentin, 3 enamel, 3 translucent & 1 opaque) > Lets you easily replicate the original depth of colour > 76% filled by weight. 0.7um particle size > Stiff, non-sticky consistency, and non-slumping > Closely emulates the fluorescence of the natural tooth > Highly economical Manipulation The heavy paste-like consistency of Amelogen® Plus allows you to sculpt and refine your anatomy long enough to polymerize, giving you the opportunity to show off your true artistic ability. Amelogen Plus is a universal microhybrid composite that is a firm, yet brush-friendly material, ideal for blending and feathering. It does not require the use of a bond or a lubricant to prevent sticking which means the physical properties are not altered. Polishing Amelogen Plus is hard enough that it will not gouge with a slight graze of a bur and explodes with a high lustre after a few passes of a silicone polisher or a Jiffy® or Groovy Diamond® Polishing Brush. Shades The easy, logical shade system allows you to choose a one, two or multiple shade layering technique. Choosing from 8 dentin, 3 enamel, 1 opaque, and 3 translucent shades allows you to accurately duplicate the depth of colour. Amelogen Plus also closely emulates the fluorescence of the natural tooth. Delivery Amelogen Plus is available in compules or in Ultradent’s patented QuadraSpense syringe. QuadraSpense cuts the composite into quarters as it is delivered, significantly reducing waste and is the ideal delivery system for clinicians that layer in small increments to prevent the effects of polymerization or C-Factor shrinkage. #749398 - Amelogen Plus Basic Kit- 7 Shades 1 - each Dentin shades: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, C2 1 - Shade guide 1 - Syringe organizer
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