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Trubyte, Triad 2000 Visible Light Curing, Accessory Package

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Dentsply Sirona Canada Ltd.
The Triad® 2000 light curing unit is a precision engineered piece of equipment, constructed to exacting specifications with the finest materials and workmanship. It incorporates specific controls with a rotating platform and lift. The tungsten halogen light source easily cures light-activated materials. Adjustable table features selective controls to accommodate the processing of all types of visible light cure materials in various appliance shapes, with or without the use of a model (cast) Small footprint makes it ideal for laboratories and dentist offices alike TRIAD VLC ACCESSORY PACKAGE contains: 1 - 5 oz air barrier coating, 1 - 4 oz model release agent, 1 - 20 ml vlc bonding agent, 1 modeling tool & 2 brushes (#4 flat, #6 round)
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