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Tech, Compressor, Single 1 H.P., Oil-type, w/Dryer, Copeland head, 115V

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Tech West Inc.
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Tech West Ultra Clean Lubricated Air Compressor provides clean, dry and oil-free air you can depend upon. Fresh air intake filters remove dust and dirt and other airborne pollutants from even the busiest dental office environment.

  • Available in single, dual or triple configurations.
  • All models have desiccant air drying systems.
  • Built in handles on all compressors.
  • Drying system has a built in purge cycle.
  • Moisture indicators on the outlet air line.
  • Energy efficient thermally protected motors.
  • Large cooling fan on each compressor head.
  • Oil drain tubes on all lubricated compressor heads.
  • Air intake filters trap dirt, dust and air born pollutants.
  • Redesigned Air Dryer makes the unit more compact and reliable.
  • Compressor design offers the quietest compressors in the industry.
  • The air is dried before the tank to prevent bacteria build up in the tank.
  • Vibration free copeland heads provide smooth running compressors.
  • Compressors are available in single, dual or triple head configurations.
  • Energy efficient motor reduces the need for costly boost transformers.
  • All compressor tanks are epoxy coated on the inside to meet damage to the tank.
  • Vibration free motors are designed for energy efficiency, enabling equipment to run without boost transformers thus minimizing operating and upfront costs.
  • Compressors are equipped with energy efficient Copeland heads and large cooling fans which provide years of dependable performance.
  • Ultra Clean Lubricated Air compressor comes complete with moisture indicators, epoxy-coated tanks, rubber-leveling feet and handles for easy lifting and installation.


  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 26in x 30in x 18in
  • Maximum User: 2
  • Air Dryer: Yes
  • No. of heads: 1
  • Total H.P: 1
  • CFM: 4.7
  • Tank Gallon: 10
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Total AMPS: 18
  • Breaker Size: 20
  • DB(A): 63
  • Weight: 200bs
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