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SybronEndo, Elements IC, Obturation, Backfill

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Sybron Endo
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elements™ IC Fill / Obturation

Introducing the elements™ IC Obturation System. As a successor to the elements™free, the cordless elements™ IC Obturation System combines a Downpack heat source with a Backfill extruder. The Downpack device provides fast heating of the heat plugger with precisely controlled temperature and timing, making it suitable for single-motion downpack obturation of the apical portion of the root canal. Utilizing single-use gutta percha cartridges, the ergonomic Backfill device has a motorized extruder system for precise temperature and speed control for a 3-dimensional obturation of the root canal system. Both handpieces are charged using inductive charging technology.

IC stands for:
1) In Control (of the procedure)
2) In Charge (of the procedure)
3) Inductive charging

The ergonomic Backfill device features a single-use gutta percha cartridge and a motorized extruder system for precise temperature and speed control for a 3D obturation of the root canal system.

Plan and control your procedure:
• gutta percha level indicator

Clinician’s comfort:
• aerogel insulation surrounds the heating element

Control the gutta percha flow:
• customizable motor speed*

Adjustable temperature range:
• from 100°C to 230°C

Reduced extrusion time
• at least 20% compared to elementsfree*

973-0604-TYPEB Backfill Unit
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