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SDI, Zipbond, Universal, Refill, 1 - 5ml Bottle

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SDI (North America), Inc.
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Defence against clinical variability

Zipbond Universal is a single component fluoride releasing universal adhesive, compatible with self etch, selective etch and total etch techniques. In the presence of varied tooth structure and an abundance of restorative choices, Zipbond Universal achieves reproducible and reliable bond strengths

Consistent Bond Strengths
Zipbond Universal achieves successful bond strengths across dentine and enamel using self etch and total etch techniques.

Total etch is considered the best option for enamel only preparations2. Zipbond Universal has minimal fluctuation in bond strength using the total etch technique on enamel, demonstrating the ability to achieve predictable results in each use.

The heterogenous nature of dentine and variability in mineral and water content adds complexity to dentine bonding1. The carefully selected chemistry of Zipbond Universal overcomes the challenges associated with dentine bonding to provide strong and reproducible bond strengths in self etch and total tech techniques.

Select Zipbond Universal for consistent adhesion, predictable clinical outcomes and confidence in the interface between your patients tooth and restoration.

Zipbond Universal Bottle Refill
• 1 x Zipbond Universal 5ml Bottle
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