Pulpdent, Tuff-Temp Plus, Automix Syringe, A2, 5ml w/8 Tips & 3ml Glaze

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    • Manufacturer SKU: TTP5A2

      Manufactured By: Pulpdent Corporation

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    Tuff-Temp Provisional Veneer, Crown & Bridge Resin Dual Cure NEW Rubberized-Urethane Chemistry > Esthetics and handling of bisacrylics > Strength and margins of acrylics > Grips tooth securely > Doesn't shrink, break or debond > Grinds and trims to feather margins Strong, impact resistant rubberized-urethane doesn't shrink or distort and grips the tooth tightly. Virtually eliminates fractures and debonding. Grinds and powders during trimming without softening or distorting. Margins are perfect. > Tough, tight fitting and impact resistant > Dimentionally stable > Grips teeth securely > Virtually eliminates fractures and cementation failures > Does not soften and distort when trimming > Grinds and powders for perfect margins > Does not gum up finishing instruments > Automix cartridge system > Self-cure with fast light cure option Light cure option for fast final cure or use with a clear template. Contains: Tuff-temp 5ml automix syringe, 8 automix tips, 3ml Tuff-temp glaze.