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Pulpdent, Embrace Varnish, Unit Dose, w/Applicator Brush, 200/box

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Pulpdent Corporation
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CXP(TM) = Xylito -coated Calcium and Phosphate for unsurpassed fluoride release

EMBRACE(TM) Varnish is a resin-based varnish that sticks well to tooth surfaces and contains xylitol, sodium fluoride and ethanol. It provides sustained, time-release of fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions over a period of 4 hours or longer. Using a proprietary technique, Pulpdent has nano-coated calcium and phosphate salts with xylitol. As a result, the calcium, phosphate and fluoride are bioavailable.
Saliva exposure dissolves the xylitol and releases the calcium and phosphate ions. These ions react continuously in saliva with the fluoride ions to form protective fluorapatite on the teeth. EMBRACE Varnish contains 5% sodium fluoride, which is equivalent to 22,600 ppm (22.6 mg fluoride/mL). The material does not separate during shipping or storage, ensuring a predictable, uniform dosage. No mixing is required. The varnish spreads evenly to a thin film and is smooth to the tongue. There is no grittiness, and it does not clump up. It flows readily from buccal to lingual surfaces. EMBRACE Varnish is clear shade and dries quickly on the teeth without sticking to the cheeks.

EMBRACE(TM) Varnish treats hypersensitivity by releasing fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions that precipitate on and occlude dentinal tubules and fill superficial, non-carious enamel lesions.

Ulcerative gingivitis and stomatitis

Practitioners should use their best judgment and limit ingestion by applying only as much varnish as necessary to cover tooth surfaces with a thin film. Adult patients should refrain from taking prescription fluoride supplements for a period of 24 hours following treatment, and children should refrain for 2-3 days.
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