BaseVac, Pump, Double Pump System, 2HP, Model VT4.40 c/w Air Water Separator

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  • Large EquipmentVacuum Pump
    • Manufacturer SKU: 2800006

      Manufactured By: R.E. Morrison Equipment Inc

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    THE ADVANCED DENTAL DRY VAC 100% Oil & Water Free Suction Systems BaseVac Dental Suction Systems are a product of Canadian manufacturer R.E Morrison Equipment Inc. Founded in 1984, R.E Morrison Equipment distributes and manufactures industrial and dental vacuum related products. Dental vacuum systems were developed to fill the unique demand for a strong suction force in an industry that is truly unique. Dental suction requires a pumping system that: works in an environment full of difficult challenges, has to be small but large in capacity, work in hot, wet and small spaces, be quiet yet capable of moving lots of air through tiny nozzles. Most importantly, any new technology must be environmentally friendly. Not just green, but free of oil and water consumption with reduced electrical power consumption per user. At BaseVac we have accomplished all that by engineering a Vacuum System based on the dentist’s suction tools. We looked at how air moves through a high flow evacuator and a saliva ejector. We looked at the effect of stored vacuum capacity, balanced flow demand and the science of air flow versus velocity versus vacuum energy. The result is a full line of Dental Vacuum Products that work remarkably well when your clinic is working at its best. Designed to be strong, quiet, compact and have absolute minimal impact on the environment. BaseVac Dental Vacuum Systems are a perfect adaptation of the science of creating vacuum for use in dentistry. No confusion of terms, no compromise in performance. SETTING THE STANDARD IN DENTAL DRY SUCTION DENTAL SYSTEMS(TM). SUPERIOR AIR/WATER SEPARATION Dry vac systems rely on capturing and draining liquids in tanks prior to reaching the vacuum pumps. The BaseVac Air/Water separators are designed with one principle in mind: find the most innovative way of using existing technologies to make them work better than ever before. When it comes to collection tanks, simple features and reliable operation go a long way. BaseVac Dental Systems use superior controls to drain liquids more effectively, more often. The result is smaller tanks that drain frequently, reducing bacteria, odors and cleaning time. POWER AND PERFORMANCE BaseVac Dental Systems use a technically advanced oil free rotary vane vacuum pump as the heart of the dental vacuum package. Horsepower to horsepower it out performs liquid ring 'wet vac' and windmill or turbine type systems. The oil free rotary vane vacuum pump is designed to continue sucking air up to 25" Hg suction pressure - that’s five times the acceptable minimum. The BaseVac Dry Vac quietly evacuates the piping system beyond your required working vacuum. This forms a stored volume under vacuum adding significant capacity to your system to provide better performance when you need it. Wear components are designed to exceed 8,000 running hours before needing replacement. The patented composition of the self lubricating carbon vanes means moisture in the system will not affect operating performance. The unique BaseVac carbon vane compound is designed for long lasting and very, very quiet operation.