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Kulzer, Venus, Pearl, PLT, Refill, A3, 20 x 0.2g

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Kulzer, LLC
Beauty beyond esthetics.

Venus Pearl is a universal nano-hybrid composite based on the innovative urethane monomer chemistry of Venus Diamond. Venus Pearl offers the same unprecedented combination of low shrinkage stress and high durability in a creamy consistency. Formulated for easy handling, Venus Pearl delivers high esthetic results through excellent color adaptation, sculptability, and polishability making it ideal for anterior restorations.

Your aesthetic restorations are the secret behind your patient's smile.

• Easy and convenient handling: Venus Pearl combines a creamy consistency and minimal stickiness with simultaneously exceptional high sculptability. It offers an extended working time and is perfect to model and polish.

• Outstanding physical properties: The material combines high flexural strength with minimal shrinkage stress. You obtain long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing restorations with a permanent, natural lustre.

• Impressive aesthetics: Venus Pearl offers a wide range of shades and can be applied in single- and multi-shade layering techniques. The material adapts perfectly to the colour of the surrounding teeth, creating an outstandingly natural look.
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