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Kerr, Permlastic, Heavy body, 1 - 100g Base tube, 1 - 130g Catalyst tube

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Kerr Corporation
Permlastic® is a polysulfide, condensation-cured, elastomeric impression material in three viscosities. Regular Permlastic is recommended for partial- or full denture impressions because it has a high degree of flow that will register the finest detail. While usually used in single-mix, it can be used with Light-Bodied Permlastic for crown and bridge impressions. It will not tear when being removed from undercuts. Light-Bodied Permlastic is the most free-flowing of the Permlastic materials. It is excellent for inlay and fixed bridge impressions. Light-Bodied Permlastic is a syringe material that is usually used with Heavy-Bodied Permlastic. Light Body bonds completely with both Regular and Heavy Bodies, resulting in impressions with great accuracy and fine definition. Heavy-Bodied Permlastic is formulated for use whenever a stiffer material is indicated. The heavy body consistency results in optimum compression of the Light-Bodied Permlastic in a double-mix, copper-band impression. Contains: 1- 100g base, 1 - 130g catalyst, mixing pad
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