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Kerr, Optibond Universal Bottle Refill, 1 - 5ml Bottle

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Kerr Corporation
OptiBond™ Universal

Single-Component Universal Dental Adhesive
OptiBond™ Universal is a single-component light cure adhesive, providing excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces and substrates for direct and indirect applications—even indirect metal-based restorations when used with NX3 or Maxcem Elite resin cement. OptiBond Universal simplifies the bonding procedure, making it less technique sensitive.

• One coat application
• Can be used with self-etch, selective etch, and total-etch techniques
• Direct / Indirect Use – Excellent dental adhesive for enamel, dentin, porcelain and ceramics
• Low film thickness creates a better fit of final restorations (~5 microns)
• Delivery options include Bottle Kit, Refill (Bottle), or Unidose®

OptiBond Universal Bottle Refill
Includes 5mL Bottle
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OptiBond Universal