Kerr, Harmonize, Syringe, Enamel, A2, 4g

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  • Restorative Materials & EquipmentComposite
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      Manufactured By: Kerr Corporation

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    • Kerr Harmonized
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    Nanohybrid Universal Composite

    Introducing Harmonize™—the next generation composite infused with Adaptive Response Technology.

    Harmonize™ begins with ART.
    Adaptive Response Technology, a nanoparticle filler network that helps you achieve lifelike restorations with more ease and simplicity than ever. With better blending capabilities and enhanced structural integrity, the ART of Harmonize provides your restorations with exceptional strength and unmatched esthetics. It's science and beauty coming together at last.

    Unparalleled Esthetics
    Harmonize diffuses and reflects light in a similar way as human enamel, leading to an enhanced chameleon effect for better blending. In addition, the particle size and structure is designed to offer superior gloss retention, and easy polishability compared to leading composites.1

    Adaptive Viscosity for easier handling
    Harmonize is softer while sculpting, holds its shape without slumping, and does so without the stickiness of other composites - all thanks to the high loading, spherical shape, and rheological modifier of ART.

    Exceptional Strength
    The ART filler system allows for high loading at 81%, and has a unique reinforced nano-scale filler particle network, which means better polymerization, more integration with the resin, strength, and durability

    1. Internal data available upon request.