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Ivoclar, Tetric Prime, Refill, Cavifil, A2, 20 - 0.25g/pkg

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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.
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Tetric® Prime
High performance, universal composite system featuring Prime handling

Tetric® Prime is a high quality, universal composite focused on Prime handling. Tetric Prime was developend with the clinician in mind, responding to requests for a universal composite that offers:
• Smooth, creamy handling for flawless adaptation and contouring in the anterior and posterior
• Twelve streamlined shades to create esthetically optimized restorations
• High radiopacity to visualize marginal integrity and ensure proper diagnosis in future recalls
• A single shade solution for Class I & Class II restorations

Tetric Prime is the perfect companion to Tetric® PowerFlow and Tetric® PowerFill, true restorative innovation. These materials are the industry‘s first high performance posterior composites that can be placed in increments up to 4mm and be cured from the occlusal surface completely in just 3 seconds using the Bluephase® PowerCure™ LED curing light.

Chameleon effect creates a natural shade blend

Creating natural looking esthetic restorations requires direct restorative materials that are designed to mimic the light optical properties of natural enamel and dentin as much as possible. The industry calls this the chameleon effect. The refractive index of the monomer matrix and the fillers match in Tetric Prime allowing light to transmit through the composite material for a more natural shade blend. This allows for a more streamlined shade offering.

Contents: 20 -Tetric Prime Cavifils (20 x 0.25gm)
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