Ivoclar, Tetric EVOCeram, Bulk Fill, Cavifil, IVA, 20 - 0.2g/pkg

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Manufactured By: Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

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    Ivoclar, Tetric EVOCeram

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    • Ivoclar, Tetric EVOCeram
    • Ivoclar, Tetric EVOCeram
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    Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill The first high-performance posterior composite with Ivocerin(TM) Ivocerin is a patented photo-initiator that is more reactive to curing than conventional initiators, resulting in a deeper, more effective cure. Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill now features: > Single-layer placement up to 4mm for faster procedures > Low shrinkage and low shrinkage stress for superior margins > Nano-filler technology for improved strength, high-gloss polish and low wear Ivocerin(TM) light-initiator provides greater curing depth Ivocerin is a new germanium-based light-initiator developed by Ivoclar Vivadent and used exclusively in Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill. This new initiator allows Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill to cure faster and deeper than other composite materials without having to increase translucency or reduce working time. The absorption spectrum of Ivocerin fills the 'gap' between traditional light-initiators used in today’s most popular composite materials. Ivocerin acts as a polymerization booster that offers greater reactivity to curing lights as compared to camphorquinone and Lucririn allowing the material to achieve efficient polymerization at a depth of 4 mm. Fill, Sculpt & Cure! Tetric EvoCeram® Bulk Fill is a unique nano-hybrid composite material developed specifically for the fast, efficient placement of direct posterior composite restorations. Shrinkage stress relievers ensure optimum marginal seal To maintain a reliable seal at the margin, only composites with low volumetric shrinkage and shrinkage stress should be used in the 4-mm bulk increment technique. Tetric® EvoCeram® Bulk Fill includes an additional filler technology designed specifically to relieve shrinkage stress during polymerization. Due to their lower elastic modulus, these filler particles are able to absorb the stresses generated during the polymerization process and thus achieving optimum marginal integrity. Tetric EvoCeram® Bulk Fill is available in 3 'Universal' shades which feature translucency similar to enamel, resulting in a natural shade blend with the surrounding tooth structure. >IVA - for restorations in the "A" range (A2 - A3) >IVB - for restorations in the "B" range (B1 - B2) >IVW - for restorations in bleached or deciduous teeth As a result, these three shades are able to meet the esthetic requirements for restorations in the posterior region. In addition, the nano-hybrid filler particles facilitate a high-gloss polish and low wear abrasion.