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Handler, Auto chuck kit, Right

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Handler Manufacturing Company
An automatic chuck kit designed specifically for the changing of the chuck attachments listed below while lathe is in motion.The Auto-Chuck provides the user with fast chuck changing at a lower cost than many precision chucks.This chuck is designed for gross reduction and rough trimming. Easily installs onto a dental tapered shaft.The 67A kit includes a wrench for tightening the bur adapter. Specify for Right or Left side. Kit includes: > 67-0 Auto-chuck Qty - 1 > 67-4 Wrench Qty - 1 > 67-5 Stone Chuck Qty - 1 > 67-7 Tapered Chuck Qty - 1 > 67-8 3/32" [0.2cm] Bur Chuck Qty - 1 > 67-9 Arbor Chuck Qty - 1 Shipping Wgt.: 1 lb [0.5 Kg] Unit Dimensions: 5" long x 3 3/4" deep x 1" high [12.7cm x 9.5cm x 2.6cm]
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