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H-F, Downpak, Plugger, L, Steel

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Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC
The only obturation device on the market with the ability to deliver both HEAT and VIBRATION to condense filling materials. This exclusive, dual-energy combination improves efficacy and efficiency, making your obturation technique more predictable. Offers unparalleled convenience and superior clinical outcomes through a 3-dimensional sealing of the root canal space. The EI DownPak with 3D Precision Technology is a versatile endodontic device for use in the following root canal obturation techniques: -Softening root canal filling material -Spreading root canal filling material laterally and vertically -Compacting root canal filling material using vibration and heat, separately or in combination -Cutting points (cones) of root canal filling materials -Cutting plastic obturator handles
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