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Garrison, Slick Bands, Tofflemire, Universal #1, Dead Soft, 100/pk

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Garrison Dental Solutions
Slick Bands Tofflemire Matrices Overview When you choose a circumferential, Tofflemire style matrix band, choose Slick Bands from Garrison Dental Solutions. Even our most die-hard Composi-Tight Sectional Matrix System users need a Tofflemire style matrix band from time to time. And certainly, many dentists use a Tofflemire as their first choice for doing posterior Class II composite restorations. Slick Bands non-stick matrices are the first Tofflemire style bands to virtually eliminate the problem of difficult to remove matrix bands. Modern bonding agents do a fantastic job of bonding resins to tooth structure. Unfortunately, they also do a good job of bonding the matrix band to the restoration. For years doctors have come to us seeking a solution to this problem. They have been doing some very creative and time consuming things including coating the bands with crayons and elaborate removal techniques involving poking around with explorers. Slick bands eliminate this hassle. A micro-thin coating bonded to either dead-soft or regular stainless steel reduces bonding agent adhesion by a whopping 92%! Band removal is a breeze. Certainly the 'non-stick' benefit is the big one, but this great coating does several other things for you as well: > Super smooth coating makes bands easier to insert interproximally on conservative preps > Still only .0015" thick and dead-soft > High contrast colors to better visualize preparation margins > Color coded for easier ordering, restocking and chair-side selection > Four Tofflemire sizes in dead-soft or regular hard. > 92% reduction in bonding agent adhesion! > The first ever Tofflemire from Garrison Dental Solutions! Simplify daily procedures with Right Curve Matrix Bands and The Comprehensive Slick Bands Tofflemire Kit. The all-new Right-Curve matrix band creates a significantly increased funnel-shaped cone when wrapped around a tooth. It’s the right choice for many restorations. > Extremely wide preps are simplified. > Improved visibility for core buildups. > Tighter gingival seal is beneficial for all restorations. > Reaches over to the adjacent tooth more easily to help you create broader, deeper contacts. Clinical Tip Use dead-soft green bands when contact is COMPLETELY broken with adjacent teeth for maximum burnishability. When contact is NOT broken with adjacent teeth, use gray bands, which can be slid through contacts with minimal deformation.
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