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Garrison, Deep Margin Elevation, DME-01, Kit

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Garrison Dental Solutions
DME-01 Garrison Deep Margin Elevation Kit

The Deep Margin Elevation Kit allows you to predictably relocate deep localized margins.
Developed with leading biomimetic clinicians, Garrison’s specialized materials provide the extra matrix band seal and control required to successfully relocate deep margins.
The conservative deep margin elevation procedure allows for the maximum conservation of natural tooth structure while helping to avoid more invasive procedures such as crown lengthening. Relocated supragingival margins facilitate easier scanning/impressions and proper isolation for improved bonding of inlays, onlays and direct final restorations.

Kit includes:
5 x FXH150 3D Fusion Firm bands
10 x FXH200 3D Fusion Firm bands
20 x FXH300 3D Fusion Firm bands
50 x RM500H Margin Elevation band reels
1 x RMH-100 Reel Matrix tensioning instrument
20 x FXYL 3D Fusion wedges
20 x FXBL 3D Fusion wedges
20 x FXOR 3D Fusion wedges
20 x FXGR 3D Fusion wedges
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