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  • Increased resolution at 17 line-pairs
  • Smart chip RFI plates for error-free scanning
  • Thumbnail image display
  • ‘Scan and Go’ option to ‘tag’ an image directly to a patient
  • High speed scanning as fast as 5s per imaget
  • LAN IP connection no PC or Practice Management license required
  • PACS/RIS connection option
  • Small desktop design for central or chairside use
  • Full range of imaging sizes from ‘Size 0’ Paediatric to ‘Size 4’ Occlusal


The innovative friction-free process extends the life of the plates and reduces artifacts. Convenient light protection pouches help reduce image degradation.

With this innovative computed radiography (CR) system, you can capture images on phosphor plates, digitize and then store them for easy access and sharing. And, because the workflow is similar to that of traditional film, you can make the transition to digital radiography with minimal disruption to your practice.

  • Enhanced image quality
  • Advanced stability and reliability
  • Complete range of imaging compatibility including intra-oral x-rays, and PAN/CEPH
  • New, modern design


All the advantages of conventional film; flexibility and thinness... yet digital and reusable!

  • AUTO-ACCESS: Automatic aperture of the slot device via motion detector
  • AUTO-DETECT: PSPIX automatically recognizes the size of the inserted plate
  • AUTO-SCAN: Automatic readout after insertion of the image plate (average 5 seconds)
  • AUTO-ERASE: The imaging plate is automatically deleted after scanning
  • AUTO-EJECT: The imaging plate is automatically ejected in it’s collector for immediate use
  • AUTO-OPTIMIZATION PSPIX adjusts the brightness and contrast of the image automatically - Image quality is always optimized
  • AUTO-SLEEP: PSPIX automatically switches to the energy-saving mode when it is not used for a certain period of time.