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Crystal Clear Digital or Film Diagnostic Images- Plain and Simple!
Bel-Ray II Model 097 X-ray delivers reproducible, high quality periapical radiographs and employs simple, intuitive controls for exposure parameter settings.
Bel-Ray II intraoral X-rays are available for wall, 4 x 4 stud mount or pass-thru mount mounting

  • Control module can be installed on wall or on the central power console
  • 3 Film speeds available
  • Microprocessor selects optimal exposure time
  • Compatible with most digital imaging systems
  • 2 year manufacturer parts warranty


PHOT-X II DC intraoral X-ray systems produce sharp radiographic images, while minimizing patient exposure to radiation. Superb periapical radiographic images, aesthetically designed appearance and ease of use makes PHOT-X II a natural choice for any dental operatory.

  • Reduced patient exposure to radiation
  • Compatible with most digital radiographic systems
  • DC X-ray
  • Easy to use intuitive controls
  • 2 year manufacturer parts warranty


Preva is known for its exceptional arm mechanics. Feel the exceptional balance and effortless movement. Preva’s proprietary braking system contains both an outboard and an inboard brake to assure that the head stays exactly where you position it without sagging or drifting. Preva has more adjustment points than any other system and a distinctive handle design for fast onehanded positioning

  • 0.4mm focal spot for detailed, crisp images
  • Adjustable kV, mA & time for optimized images
  • High-performance digital compatibility, plus high speed and standard films
  • Easy to use intuitive controls
  • 56, 66, 76 and 82* arm lengths available