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SOPROLIFE will allow you to see what was once invisible to your eyes. It offers you the ability to detect tooth decay at different stages of its development, thus allowing you to determine the most adequate treatment.

As an intra-oral camera, SOPROLIFE provides clear and crisp images in each of its 3 preset positions - macro (0-5mm), intra-oral (5-30mm) and portrait (30mm to infinity).

The auto fluorescence technology in SOPROLIFE will allow you to detect occlusal or interproximal decay - even in its earliest stages

- which is often missed by X-rays. SOPROLIFE also allows you to differentiate healthy from infected tissue in order to excavate only the tissue which is diseased.


Bring the power of the new IRIS Intraoral Camera into every operatory. This precision optical instrument features an easy to use 5-point Focus Wheel and unique USB connector that fits in a standard delivery unit. The elegantly streamlined profile has a much smaller, specially designed soft-tip with brilliant 8-point LED lighting and Sony’s Hi-Resolution CCD for the finest picture quality. Best in it’s class.


Meet the 1500 Intraoral Camera: the ideal communication tool for any dental professional. Delivering precise, true-to-life images with each shot, the 1500 Camera provides the visual evidence you need to educate patients and make more accurate diagnosis.

Available in both a wired and wireless version, the 1500 Camera was designed for mobility and ease of use. Boasting a true autofocus and intuitive camera lighting system, the dental digital photography camera requires no manual adjustments and is easily shared between different examination rooms and chairs.

TWAIN compliance ensures the camera integrates easily with third-party dental digital photography imaging software.


C-U2 is a totally digital imaging device featuring Progressive Scan technology. This ensures premium image definition and perfect freeze-frame quality. Quality imaging; C-U2 incorporates 12 warm white LED micro-lights, enabling an efficient spread of light in the oral cavity to provide bright images, rich in colour definition. High-definition digital image capture is possible without loss of vertical resolution thanks to Progressive Scan, a technology which avoids conversion into an analogical signal. The Retro-Flex wide viewing angle is partially inclined away from the extremity of the handpiece so as to enable easy access to distal and rear tooth areas.