3M, Pentamix 4, Lite Auto Mixing Unit

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  • EquipmentImpression Mixers
    • Manufacturer SKU: 77907

      Manufactured By: 3M Canada Company

    3M/ESPE, Pentamix 4

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    • 3M/ESPE, Pentamix 4
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    3M ESPE’s third generation Pentamix device, the Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit, sets higher standards with the following features: - High speed: twice as fast as the Pentamix(TM) 2 Automatic Mixing Unit; faster tray loading provides more effective working time, which is particularly beneficial when loading full arch trays or when using fast-setting impression materials (i.e. Imprint 3 Quick Step Impression Material). - Small size: smallest automated mixing device on the market saves valuable counter space; it also includes a wall mounting option - Easy operation: fully automatic opening of foil bags; Penta(TM) Cartridges display product name and times faster cartridge change when two different viscosities (HB/LB) are used with one mixing unit; optimized design for left- and right-handed operators; easy change of mixing tip through improved cartridge and cover design. - Reliable timing of clinical work-flow; minimizes operator variability (shorter tray loading time) - High mixing quality: void-free and consistent mixing of impression material; including putty materials - Hygienic and clean dispensing of all types of impression material - Operation security: built-in sensor (Fig. 5a) detects Penta Authentication Label (Fig. 5b) on each base paste foil bag guarantees optimized mixing parameters.