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High performance digital pan that is CEPH AND 3D upgradeable with automatic CEPH tracing capability.

As one of the most user-friendly Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) systems on the market, the KODAK 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System offers several versatile solutions for your extraoral imaging needs. Combining focused-field 3D technology with dedicated panoramic imaging, this affordable 2-in-1 unit delivers the best of both worlds, offering the highest resolution and the lowest radiation dose.


High performance digital pan that is CEPH upgradeable.

  • High-quality images help you make accurate and confident diagnoses.
  • Powerful image management tools facilitate communication with patients and staff.
  • Improved patient efficiency helps ensure a healthy return on investment.
  • Backed by expert service and support


Vantage™ sets a new standard in digital panoramic imaging with its Advanced technology & elegant design. Vantage™ boasts an exceptional array of features including smartphone technology control, workflow-enhancing functionality and easy integration with practice management software. This CEPH upgradable unit has won numerous international design awards.


Simple to use and affordable, the NEW Bel-Cypher digital X-ray system produces outstanding Panoramic, TMJ and Bitewing images.

  • Digital panoramic (child, adult), 4 view lateral and Bitewing (child, adult) imaging
  • Sharp images can be obtained, even with mild positioning errors
  • High-frequency X-ray generator minimizes patient exposure to radiation
  • Three-laser beam alignment system for correctly positioning patient mid-sagittal
  • Reliable CCD sensor technology for the aquisition of 12 bit images


  • Industry Best Exposure Time/Extremely fast 5.5 second panoramic with significantly lower dosage
  • High Definition/New and improved definition of 96 μm (10 second scan) for the ultimate high definition image
  • Class-leading Clarity DDAE (Digital Direct Auto Exposure) and AIE (Auto Image Enhancer) functions provide sharp and clear images
  • Quick and Easy Patient Positioning with integrated triple laser beam alignment
  • Fully Automatic Simplified Operation, Simply select the desired program: Panoramic, TMJ, or PEDO. In addition, no parameter setting is required
  • Digital Technology, no film or film development required
  • Low Power Consumption, Lightweight & Compact Design


Imagine you could perform all of your exams with one system. How much time would you save? With the revolutionary CS 9300, the answer is at your fingertips. Featuring dual modality panoramic and 3D imaging with exceptional detail and range, the all-new CS 9300 is the perfect all-in-one solution for your practice.

Which field of view is right for your practice? With the CS 9300, you have up to seven selectable fields of view ranging from 5 cm x 5 cm to 17 cm x 13.5 cm. This gives you greater flexibility and the ability to collimate the field of view based on your patients’ diagnostic needs.

The all-in-one CS 9300 is the most versatile multi-modality imaging system from Carestream Dental. In addition to its exceptional 3D imaging capabilities, it offers 2D digital panoramic imaging with variable focal trough technology—delivering crystal-clear images every time it’s used. It can even be upgraded to include one-shot cephalometric imaging. For practitioners who have been waiting to integrate cone beam computed tomography into their practice, the CS 9300 is the perfect option, giving you the most capabilities available in one compact, all-in-one system.

With image resolution up to 90 μm, the CS 9300 delivers a superb level of detail, allowing you to collect valuable diagnostic information for a range of clinical applications, including focused-field, single jaw, dual jaw, single and double TMJ, dual jaw, sinus and maxillofacial examinations.


Veraviewepocs 3D R100 is the latest addition to J. Morita’s 3D product line. This unit’s completely unique 3D Reuleaux Full Arch FOV (field of view) abandons the typical cylinder with a new convex triangle shape. By more closely matching the natural dental arch form, this groundbreaking FOV reduces dosage by excluding areas outside the region of interest and allows a complete scan of the maxilla and/or the mandible. High resolution, 125 μm voxel images provide a clear observation of the periodontal pocket, the periodontal membrane, and the alveolar bone, as well as soft tissue such as the maxillary sinus membrane. A special dose reduction mode lowers exposure for soft tissue which reduces dosage to a mere 60% of the standard mode.


Veraviewepocs® 3De offers digital 3D, panoramic, and cephalometric imaging options, no cassette change required. This model features built-in sensors for all image types designed to save time and protect the hardware. This model is available at a very affordable price and offers views with class-leading clarity, perfect for endodontics, periodontics, and general dentistry.

NEW Dose Reduction Feature. Veraviewepocs 3De, and all of Morita’s 3D units, now come automatically equipped with a new Dose Reduction Feature for increased patient protection.

Now features a dose reduction of 30% to 40% on all 3D scans! Plus, a new High Definition (HD) cephalometric update.