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Dpy, PCD, Nupro Sensodyne, Jar, Spearmint, Fine/Medium, 12oz

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Dentsply Sirona Canada Ltd.
NUPRO® Sensodyne® has made it easy for you to help your patients get relief from hypersensitivity, and remove stains with NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophylaxis Paste1. The key ingredient in both NUPRO® Sensodyne® products is NovaMin®, a true breakthrough available exclusively from NUPRO® Sensodyne®. It's a simple way for you to offer continuous care in the office and is easy for patients because NUPRO® Sensodyne® is applied with a toothbrush. Patients won't have new habits to develop that complicate brushing or discourage them from complying. Unique NovaMin® calcium-phosphate technology is designed to occlude dentin for immediate relief of dentin hypersensitivity What is NovaMin®? > A synthetic active ingredient used in professional dental products Technical Breakdown > Comprised of calcium, sodium, phosphorus, and silicon...all natural elements found in the tooth > Identified chemically as Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate > 3 step process leads to the formation of hydroxyapatite-like crystals Description > Breakthrough remineralization technology > White powder > Amplifies the natural protective and repair mechanisms of saliva > Extensively proven in clinical and scientific studies In an in vitro study, NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophylaxis Paste showed: > Near-complete tubule occlusion after 1 minute in teeth treated with NuPRo® Sensodyne® Prophylaxis Paste >Sustained tubule occlusion after 5 minutes in teeth treated with N uPRo® Sensodyne® and an acidic substance (orange juice or Coca-Cola®) > Other products showed no tubule occlusion in 5 minutes at any stage of the demonstration - control or acid trials
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