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Crosstex, Sensor Sleeve, Large, 1.625" x 8.50", 500/Dispenser box

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Crosstex International Inc.
Digital Sensor Sleeve w/Smooth Seams Surface Barriers Innovative digital x-ray sensor sleeves with smooth, non-irritating seams eliminate patient discomfort. Available in two convenient sizes. BCXSS 500/DISPENSER BOX CLEAR SMALL: 1.375"X8.25"/3.49X20.96CM BCXSL 500/DISPENSER BOX CLEAR LARGE: 1.625"X8.50"/4.12X21.59CM .002 Side Seal Traditional sensor sleeve barriers have rough seams that can make imaging procedures unnecessarily harsh on delicate mucosal tissue. Crosstex Digital Sensor Sleeves feature: > Smooth edges with no rough seams to abrade the corners of the mouth or mucosal tissue. > Convenient sizing to fit all commonly used digital imaging sensors. > Effective barrier protection to cover valuable sensors and reduce the risk of cross contamination. Product Name: Digital Sensor Sleeve w/Smooth Seams Latex: No CE: Yes Made in USA: No Worth Knowing: Surface barriers reduce the risk of cross contamination caused by airborne aerosols, splash and spatter. The most common surfaces easily protected by surface barriers are: 1. Touch Surfaces: usually contaminated by staff during a procedure. 2. Transfer Surfaces: not touched directly by the dental staff, but usually contacted by contaminated instruments. 3. Splash, Spatter & Aerosol Surfaces: comprise all surfaces in the operatory not classified as touch or transfer surfaces. Examples include dental chairs, x-ray heads, view boxes, unused countertop areas.
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