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Caulk, TPH Spectra ST, LV Compules, A2, 20 - 0.25g/pkg

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Dentsply Sirona Canada Ltd.
TPH Spectra® ST
Universal Composite Restorative

When we set out to improve TPH Spectra® composite, we asked clinicians what matters most to them. Certainly, it needs to be durable. But could the material handle better to save you time and frustration during placement? And what if shade selection was simplified, minimizing stock and creating efficiencies during the procedure? Could this composite offer outstanding stain resistance to keep patients satisfied?

Made from the DNA of TPH

The TPH brand has been a staple of dentists’ armamentarium for over two decades. This industry-defining composite material has a long history of clinically proven results that have been used in over 174 million restorative applications.

The key improvements in TPH Spectra® ST composite were made possible by SphereTEC™ filler technology, our proprietary method of manufacturing microscaled, well-defined spherical superstructures, comprised of submicron glass. The SphereTEC™ fillers’ morphology, particle size distribution and surface microstructure deliver the benefits that really matter to dentists:

• Optimized handling for easy placement and shaping
• Enhanced chameleon blending ability for simplified shade selection and matching
• Improved durability with high polish and stain resistance for lasting esthetics

Optimized Handling, Preferred Viscosity
Designed for improved cavity adaptation and reduced stickiness in two viscosities to accommodate your preference and technique for placement efficiency.

Full VITA® Range Coverage
We've simplified shade matching. TPH Spectra® ST composite covers the full 16 shade VITA® range with just five shades, saving you time and effort picking the correct shade.
VITA is not a registered trademark of Dentsply Sirona.

Excellent polishability
Polish to a high gloss, faster with the Enhance® Finishing and Enhance® PoGo® Polishing systems.

Excellent Radiopacity
TPH Spectra® ST composite is radiopaque so it is easily distinguishable on the radiograph.

Introducing TPH Spectra® ST composite made to deliver what matters to you.
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