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Caulk, SureFil SDR Flow Plus, Compula, Refill, A3, Tips

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Dentsply Sirona Canada Ltd.
SDR® flow+ Bulk Fill Flowable

SureFil® SDR® flow+ Bulk Fill Flowable is a direct restorative material indicated as a base for Class I and Class II cavities, pit and fissures, core build-ups, conservative Class I’s, and now, Class III and V restorations. The Flowable composite has a unique self-leveling handling which provides excellent cavity adaptation and minimizes the need for instrument manipulation. SureFil® SDR® flow+ material can be used in up to 4mm increments which reduces placement time by up to 40%. SureFil® SDR® flow+ now also provides increased wear resistance and higher radiopacity.

Key Information
> Most researched bulk fill composite
> Expanded indications: Class III and V
> Improved wear resistance
> Higher radiopacity

A3 Shade 61c108
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