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Caulk, SureFil One, Intro Kit

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Dentsply Sirona Canada Ltd.
Surefil one™ Self-Adhesive Composite Hybrid

Efficiency and performance with no sacrifices
Performance makes the difference for the satisfaction of your patients. Efficiency makes the difference for the profitability of your practice. New Surefil one™ restorative connects efficiency and performance, delivering every advantage in one material:
• Self-adhesive: no etching, bonding or cavity conditioning
• As durable as composite
• Faster than composite
• Ideal for compromised situations
• Fluoride release

Fast. Simple. Efficient.
The speed of Surefi l oneTM restorative helps provide more effi cient procedures for you and your patients.*
• Self-adhesion makes etching and bonding obsolete
• Composite-like strength: no capping required
• Dual-cure initiators: fill to any depth with no layering

* The same MO cavity with 4mm depth was used for all 3 materials. ** Including conditioner and varnish as recommended to improve durability. Surefi l one™ restorative Glass Ionomer** Layered Composite

60300200 Surefil one™ Intro Kit, 20 A2, 20 A3, 5 A1, 5 Bleach White, Capsule Extruder, Directions for Use, Illustrated Technique Guide
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