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Caulk, Dyract eXtra, Compules, O-A2, 20 - 0.25g/pkg

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Dentsply Sirona Canada Ltd.
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Dyract® eXtra Universal Compomer Restorative Dyract® eXtra, the Evidence-Based Restorative for Patients who need eXtra Care, is a filling material for all classes of anterior as well as posterior cavities exposed to masticatory forces. The special properties of Dyract® eXtra are a result of the combination of fluoridated glass filler with acid-modified monomers patented by DENTSPLY. Dyract® eXtra fillings release fluoride ions continually and function as acid-buffers along the interface of the tooth structure. Clinically proven In clinical studies on paedodontic fillings, the longevity of Dyract® proved unparalleled. In geriatric dentistry, efficient treatment, which stresses patients as little as possible, is especially important. As the oral hygiene of geriatrics and other risk groups is often uncertain and compliance is low, Dyract® eXtra fillings are a logical addition to the appropriate prophylactic measures. Dyract® filling materials are an exemplary success: more than 170 million Compules® Tips have been sold, making it one of the most widely used filling materials in the world. The impressive results of 45 clinical studies, more than 440 scientific publications and 12 years of successful use in dental practices throughout the world have ensured that Dyract® has become an example for evidence-based dentistry
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