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Bien Air, Optima, MX2 Plus, Micro-motor system, LED, Internal, w/o Endo function

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Bien Air USA Inc.
OPTIMA MX2 INT The MX2 LED is Bien-Air's latest little prodigy. The Optima MX2 INT control has been designed to get the very best from it. The Optima MX2 INT and its micromotor guarantee absolute control of the bur, controlling speed, torque and automatic reversal of the direction of rotation. The Optima MX2 INT is particularly versatile. This control unit offers pre-programmed modes for all the main restorative operations and for endodontics. A true all-in-one system, it also makes your life simpler: two contra-angle handpieces are sufficient to perform the vast majority of dentistry operations. This results in improved comfort as well as a time saving. Thanks to its Easy-Nav philosophy, the Optima MX2 INT is incredibly intuitive and can be adapted to most dental chairs. It is ideal if you want to upgrade your pneumatic chair to bring it into the electronic age. Quite simply, it offers the best Swiss engineering. OPTIMA MX2 INT WITH ENDODONTIC FUNCTIONS - Broad speed range of the MX2 micromotor: from 100 to 40,000 rpm - High speed mode for general operations - Low speed mode for endodontics with NiTi tools: *automatic reversal of the direction of rotation *when speed is at 0, automatic return to clockwise *movement (adjustable timing) - Easy navigation system - Major functions modifiable at all times: - Selection of one of the 40 programmes - Actual instrument speed - Variable torque - Handpiece ratio - With or without lighting - Light intensity - Choice of 5 languages Optima MX2INT set with DMX2 Pro for 1 micromotor: 1 Optima MX2INT control unit ref. 1600715-001 1 sterilisable MX2 micromotor ref. 1600677-001 1 hose for MX2 micromotor ref. 1600700-001 1 DMX2 Pro electronic control unit ref. 1600666-001 Ref. 1700390-001 SET OPTIMA MX2 INT PRO (Previously 1700386-001)
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