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3M, Comply, Integrators, SteriGage, Class 5, Refill, 1243A, 500/pk

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3M Canada Company
3M™ Comply™ SteriGage™ Chemical Integrator, 1243A, for 250°F - 275°F (121°C - 135°C), 2 in x 3/4 in (5.1 cm x 1.9 cm), 500 per bag
3M ID 7000002707, UPC 50707387469073

Designed to monitor exposure to steam or EO conditions in a pack.
Provides a visual accept/reject readout to determine that the sterilant has penetrated to the point of placement in the pack and confirm that sufficient exposure conditions occurred.

These chemical integrators are Class 5 integrating indicators which are designed to react to all critical variables.
These chemical integrators are used for pack control as a method for monitoring sterilization process conditions inside each pack.
The 3M Comply Steam and EO Chemical Integrators can also be used inside a process challenge device (PCD) to release processed items, excluding implants (load control).
Use for this purpose does not replace the use of biological indicators.

3M ComplyTM) Steam Chemical Integrators consist of a paper wick and steam and temperature sensitive chemical pellet contained in a paper/film and foil laminate envelope.
Steam enters the permeable topside of the device - the chemical pellet melts and migrates as a color along the paper wick; the distance or extent of migration depends on exposure to steam, time, and temperature.

The migration is visible through a window marked Accept or Reject.
The color should enter the Accept window for an Accept result.
If the color has not entered the Accept window, a reject result is indicated.

Used in all 245-280°F/118-138°C steam sterilization cycles.

2 inch x 3/4 inch (5,1cm x 1,9cm) Steam Chemical Integrator, Moving Front, Convenience Pack

1243A - 500/pk (44957)
1243B - 100/pk (45458)
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