Micrylium, BioVac, 2X Concentrate, 20 x 50ml pouches

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    • Manufacturer SKU: 03-VAC2-050

      Manufactured By: Micrylium Laboratories Inc.

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    BioVAC Description Evacuation System Disinfectant BioVAC(50mL) 1:40 Dilution BioVAC(5L) 1:40 Dilution Usage: Used to clean and disinfect suction systems that encounter large amounts of debris in clinical situations. Registration: DIN 02209659 Features and Benefits > Controlled Foam - BioVAC has a controlled foam that ensures excellent cleaning action without overflow when 250 mL used per line. > Economical - One pouch prepares enough solution for eight evacuation lines or 4 operatories. > Environment Protection - BioVAC contains only biodegradable surfactants and complies with all sewer disposal regulations. > Patient Protection - BioVAC as an antimicrobial kills bacteria in dental tubings, reducing potential risks from patient suckback. > Safer - BioVAC contains NO phenols or chlorines. Does not contain recently noted hormone disrupting surfactants based on nonyl-phenyl ethoxylates. > Staff Friendly - Protects staff from infection when cleaning traps. Eliminates odours.